Newsletter no. 72, March 2023
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The month of March, synonymous with the arrival of spring and blossoming. March is one of the most beautiful months in Tirana. It is the time when you can admire the blossoming of the trees at the Great Lake Park, at Kavaja street, at Xamlliku and the trees along the Lana river. More

Summer Day, the unique holiday of Albanians

March 14 is a special holiday in Albania, which is not celebrated in any other country in the world. It is called "Summer Day" even though it celebrates the arrival of the Spring season. Summer Day was considered the day of the beginning of the year according to the ancient Albanian calendar, and this day was celebrated many centuries before Christianity was born. It was celebrated on March 1 of the Julian calendar, the first day of the new year (according to the Gregorian calendar, "March 14").More

"Fem Fest", a festival for Albanian women

FemFEST is a feminist art and culture festival created by BASH ART. This festival revives the original purpose of March 8 by calling for the full achievement of women's rights. Every year the red shoes are placed as an installation in the heart of the city, symbolizing women killed by domestic violence. This year the protest was moved to Mother Teresa Square. More

Novruz holiday, the history of this holiday in Albania

Sultan Novruz Day is a holiday in Albania. This day is related to the birthday of Imam Ali in the Kaaba. On this day everything is resurrected, hope is born, resurrection for all humanity. It is a new day, when everyone hopes for a better future. On this day, visits are made to the Teqeja of the Bektashians in Tirana, which is also the center of Bektashism in the world. More

Events in March

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