Newsletter no. 71, February 2023
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The month of February is so welcome after the first month of the year, which is considered gloomy and cold. February is the month of love, as Valentine's Day decorates the whole month by being in the middle of it. In addition to this, mimosas and plum blossoms bloom, bringing with them spring. Tirana is also decorated for Valentine's Day. Tirana has its anniversary as the capital, meanwhile, activities such as the European City of Sports 2023 are also starting. More

On February 11, Tirana turns 103 years old as the capital city

On February 11, 1920, Tirana became the capital of Albania by a decision taken at the Congress of Lushnja, which developed the works in January 1920. Those were difficult times and the government offices were in Durrës. But Durrës was occupied by the Italians. The Congress of Lushnja considered Vlora as a possibility, because Vlora was also the first capital of Albania after the country's independence from Ismail Qemali in 1912. But Vlora was a little far from the north of the country. Then another possibility was Shkodra, which at that time was also the largest city in Albania. But Shkodra was near Montenegro, with which we also had problems, and it was far from the rest of the country. Then it was decided that there was no better solution than Tirana, due to its geographical position in the center of the country.More

Veranda Restaurant, a different taste in Tirana

With a varied menu inspired by my mother. Family tradition interwoven full of taste with the Mediterranean where the aromas invite you to taste. Each dish has its specialty and anyone can order what they prefer, like soup or salad served in a bread bowl. More.

Tirana, the European Capital of Sport 2023

This year, Tirana is the European Capital of Sport 2023. The aim of this title is to present an ambitious program of activities, as well as the use of sport as a tool to improve the lives of children, young people, the elderly and communities in general. More

Events in February

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