About Visit Tirana

Visit Tirana is a project of Manderina Promotions, a PR and Marketing Company based in Tirana. The focus of Manderina Promotions is to offer PR and digital marketing as well as promotion services to businesses in Albania. Mostly our clients are in the field of tourism.

Visit Tirana started as a voluntary work just to promote our city. Since 2013 we opened a Twitter and Facebook account to promote everything from Tirana. It soon became the strongest voice to post news about Tirana in English and to inform tourists what to find and what to do in our city. Being the only social media posting updated information in English for Tirana, we were noticed by newly selected mayor of Tirana Mr. Veliaj.

The mayor supported us without knowing who was standing after Visit Tirana. This was the motivation for choosing Visit Tirana among top 10 “Personality for Tirana for 2015”.
“I appreciate the restless work of Visit Tirana team for the promotion of our city. I have been meeting people at several events in Tirana, telling me that they learned about it through VisitTirana in twitter. You have done the work of the municipality and we did not know who was behind it. Totally a volunteer work, with no support from us. Thank you very much!” – said Mayor Veliaj when he handed over the award to Visit Tirana team.

This moral support, and symbolic award, motivated us to send this project further and create a unique tourism portal of Visit Tirana following best European models for city promotion, a public-private-partnership as Visit Copenhagen, Visit Basel, Visit Hamburg.
Visit Tirana now is not just our main project, but the biggest platform of tourism in Tirana. It is promoting our city and informing tourists what to do and explore in Tirana. We suggest travellers where to go, where to stay, and what to eat. In this way this platform is offering businesses a possibility to be visible to foreign visitors. It seems a win and win situation for travellers, tourism businesses in Tirana and our team.

Manderina Promotions team